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Davidson #20 flower bowl


Cathy B:
Hi everyone -
This is really a question for Chris Stewart.

I don't usually ask about values because I feel it's not appropriate; however, I'm needing to sell a few things to pay a few bills this month.

Chris, somewhere on your site you've listed the price a Davidson orange cloud #20 flower set went for in 2002. If one came without the plinth and block it might achieve a similar price now? Or have prices risen or dropped since then?

Thanks, and sorry for the impertinent question!


David E:
Hi Cathy,

Personally I'd say orange cloud has risen slightly over time but the trouble is it's so scarce it's hard to say for certain, although I suppose it really depends on the current market-mood. Less than 1,000 recorded so very collectable! 8)

Hi All,

I would have said that Orange cloud glass prices are lower now than in 2002. I used to automatically collect prices from Ebay, but they so frequently change the format of the pages I could no longer keep up.

Your No 20 bowl may struggle to reach £120. Unfortuantely the summer is not a good time to sell.



Cathy, please would you mind to show what could be on offer? Thank you!

Cathy B:
Hi Pamela,

Here are pictures of the bowl in question. The top rim is about 10" or so in diameter, a bit more across the widest part, and is about 3.5" tall.

The trails are not well defined. I've tried to show them better here:

And here it is in a shotgun marriage with an Empire ware Saverly flower holder. The bowl's too big for her, but it's somewhere to put her that doesn't clash too badly.  :)


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