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Brussels Centennial Exhibition, 1876


David E:
Not a book, but here is a link to a report in The Engineer magazine, on the glass manufactures (sic - it is a legit word, but rather antiquated) at the Brussels Centennial Exhibition, 1876.

There is a surprising amount of detail here from manufacturers around the world. Included is the mention of "yellow uranium glass" from Greenpoint Flint Glass Works (middle column, p.270, towards the top), which raised a question in my head - when was the term "uranium glass" first used? I see from Wikipedia the glass dates to 79AD (a little before my time then)!


Ttbomk it dates from the 1830s when other factories (like Choisy) started making uranium glass and could not use the name "anna".

David E:
Thanks Ivo - I never thought that anna-gelb/grun were trademarked. I stumbled across this due to a mention of Chance Brothers at the same expo so I was curious. An interesting magazine and through Grace's Guide there are dozens more of the same magazine, plus others, so there are possibly some more hidden glassy-gems. I am also amazed at the quality of the engravings here: some really fine examples of engineering.


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