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Please help ID this beautiful vase - ID = Daniel Baroy, France



This vase is very pretty.

It is signed. Looks like it says J Baroy 03?

It measures 7" high and approx 4" wide at the base and 1.75" wide at the top.

It weighs 535g

Signatures are notoriously difficult to photograph - especially when the object is patterned.  One way is to take it outside and using the sky as your light source take a photo from a very shallow angle(as opposed to straight on).  This will show the base as light(due to reflection) and the writing as dark(because it does not reflect).  See an example using a vase I own.


And if Ross's suggestion does not do the trick, try a little talcum powder (or similar) rubbed gently across the signature. After blowing the excess away, the signature should be more visible in white.

Your vase is signed. D Baroy (little d), a French glass artist. His first name is Daniel.
I also have a piece of his and thought that the d was a J until I also notice he signed his last name without using a capital letter too.


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