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Hi! Newbie here needing help....hope to see a lot of you!!

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I have been a "dabbler" in collecting assorted glass, china, etc. I frequent a local auction that has some nice finds....and as we're in the boonies, the patrons rarely care about the value.  I generally buy things that appeal to me, and then look online to see if there's any inherent value in the items....basically, I buy what I love because I love it, and finding out if its valuable is a nice plus!

I purchased what seems to be a demitasse set a few months back. I love love love its angular looks, and I love using it when company comes by for cappuccinos. There are four larger square plates, four smaller square saucers, and four small cups with very squared off handles.

But, despite every glass makers mark book I've read, I can't find the maker.  It seems to be pressed glass, and is most likely not worth much. I bought the whole set for $5.00 US, and I won't be crushed to find that its worth even less than that  :P  because I love it anyway... but I like knowing the story behind the things I own.

On the bottom, it is marked ITALY in all caps.

Above that is a star, with a circle in the middle, and in that circle is what appears to be a capital SP.

Any ideas?  I would post a picture, but because its clear glass, it won't photograph legibly. I'll try to post a picture of one of the settings anyway.

Thanks so much in advance for any help. I really do appreciate it, and I was very excited to find this site.  I hope to hear from you all more as time goes on (and as I continue visiting this auction)

Hi Welcome to the board. Try photographing your glass on and against a matt black or dark navy blue background. That seems to work for clear glass. I suggest you use here to post any picture. It was created for the message board

Thanks Lustrousstone!  I tried, but the quality just didn't come out well....Plus we haven't had company in a while and they're really dirty!! ( :o  )  But this might give you an idea...

Anne E.B.:
Hi there :P   The mark sounds like Fidenza.

Link here with ref. to Fidenza.,2305.msg16803.html#msg16803

Also, if you search Fidenza there are a couple more references too. :P

That was quick, don't worry they're not too bad at all. I see Anne has already come up with a thought


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