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Unidentified limited edition


Hi it's me again.  I have a couple of paperweights again bought in the 70's which I can't identify.  I thought this one was a Caithness but they say no.  It has S.T. 1976 712 stamped on the base please see the photos and if you know any details I would appreciate it.

An impressed "ST" is a mark for "St Tudy" that Liskeard Glass of Cornwall used in addition to their usual "L. G." mark.

These earlier messages give some info:,5222.0.html,672.0.html

Hi Linders
I think the paperweights were made for and sold via Yelverton Paperweight Centre
Maybe they will be able to confirm.


PS. Were apparently made here at the IOWSG studio and the quartz/stone inside were native to the area around St.Tudy. You may still want to re-confirm this by contacting the paperweight centre.

Liskeard did make produce weights for sale through the Yelverton outlet, but as far as I know they had a "Y" mark, not "ST" (or "LG").

I also have a copy of this paperweight and the certificate that came with it.  Back in the early 1970's Bernard and Dorothy Broughton opened their home in the Village of St Tudy, Cornwall, to visitors and displayed their paperweight collection so the ST stands for St Tudy (Paperweight Centre). The collection was later moved to Yelverton, where it remains today, and other paperweights were made with a Y 81 inpressed in the base by Liskeard Glass which is now Merlin Glass owned by LIam Carey - still in Liskeard.
Hope this helps


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