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Unidentified fairly large and heavy paperweight


Yes me again!  this is another one bought in the 70's or so which has no marks on the base but the people at Caithness believe it may be Chinese.
If you have any ideas I would appreciate it.

Hi again  :D

Not sure about this one.

Could you please try another photo, but without flash (or very strong lighting) - basic (cloudy) daylight could be good. Also using a plain background and, if available, with the camera set on "close up" will stop the camera focusing more on the bacground rather than the weight. If there is no "close up" setting on the camera, try a distance of at least 2 or 3 feet for this one.

Hi Kev

Well yes the blue one was probably bought in St Just in the summer of 76...  do you have an encylopedia for a brain?  Ref the other one, I will follow your guidance and take some more photos.

Are the St Just ones worth anything?  sounds awful to ask but am putting my will together and keeping special things for my daughter and getting rid of the more 'junk stuff'.  

thank you so much for your help



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