Author Topic: Art Nouveau Glass & Metal Vases - ID = F. W. Quist of Esslingen, Germany  (Read 6955 times)

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Art Nouveau Glass & Metal Vases ID Needed
« Reply #20 on: May 04, 2006, 04:21:19 PM »

For what it's worth, probably not much, but the script on your mark looks Arabic or Jewish to me.  Not that I think your vases look middle Eastern. :?
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Art Nouveau Glass & Metal Vases ID Needed
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Thanks to Jeff for sending me to the Silver Salon - I recently got the ID I needed.


The manufacturer is the metalware firm F. W. Quist of Esslingen, Germany. They registered their first mark (not this one) in 1900, but the mark you show is listed in my copy of the 1925 German Goldsmith's Yearbook.
Quist is far better known, however, as one of the leading manufacturers of military helmets during WWII. They are no longer in business, no doubt in part thanks to their position as a prominent supplier to the Third Reich. Try googling "Esslingen" and "Quist" and see what you find.

So I have been told any date leading up to 1925 as the mark may have been introduced around 1906 - 1914

I have already found this piece, which is later in date to my vases I think


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