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Author Topic: Clichy 1867 L Joseph Mas Ruby Carafe d'eau and plate gilded and enamelled  (Read 101 times)

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I presume mine may be missing it's tumbler. 
I believe I'm right in my id? and found it totally by accident(to my great excitement) when searching for something else.
The id is referenced to the following vase here
The vase in the V&A has the following information:
quote '
   Clichy, France (made)
   Date:1867 (made)
   Artist/Maker:L Joseph Mas, Cristalleries de Clichy (manufacturer) Appert Frres (manufacturer)
   Materials and Techniques:Coloured glass, with painted decoration in gilding and enamels
   Museum number:720-1869
   Gallery location:In Storage
Materials and Techniques
Coloured glass, with painted decoration in gilding and enamels
Height: 42.0 cm
Object history note
This vase was bought from the Paris 1867 Exhibition, where the Museum made extensive purchases of European ceramics and glass, above all from the French section, which was by far the largest in both materials, with a total of 11,645 exhibitors. The vase's shape is distantly related to a Renaissance variation on an antique form, while its ornament is an unabashed mixture of Moorish and Chinese floral and arched motifs.
Descriptive line
Glass Vase and cover, France (Clichy-la-Garenne), made by L. Joseph Mas, Cristalleries de Clichy, 1867-1867, 720-1869.'

The carafe is 11cm max diameter and 16.3cm high, the plate 17.8cm, the whole set together is 17.5cm high
The glass plate/bowl rings v. well.  It is quite heavy glass for size.
The ruby red is a deep pink red.
The carafe has a massive polished pontil mark that nearly reaches the edge of the base.
The plate  also has an extra large polished pontil mark and is worn completely matt in a few millimetres ring of wear around the edge of the base of the bowl.
Blimey, that is so exciting.  I did not think I'd find a match for the gilding at all  ;D



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