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Just a quick Kosta question....Now with pictures,



I have bought 3 little clear glass dishes with what I think are copper wheel engraved ballet dancers on them, very deeply cut, and I wonder if they might be Kosta, but they are not signed or marked. What I would like to know is, is all Kosta signed? If so could they be Orrefors?

I will post a picture as soon as I pick them up from the auction.


Here are the pictures, the big one has a ground pontil the two little ones have flat bases. The engraving is very deep into the glass.    3 dancers  2 dancers from back

None have any marks on, but they look Scandinavian


Bill G:
Historically, Orrefors does not sign seconds which are sold in their one
second shop at the factory.
I thing the same holds true for Kosta.
To my knowledge, all firsts are signed by both companies.
Bill Geary

I've never seen unsigned 50's - 60's Kosta or Orrefors firsts either (or at least pieces that are otherwise identifable as by these factories  :lol: maybe I have and didn't recognise it).

However I think I might own a signed Orrefors second.
It's only signed Orrefors Edward Hald, and is consistent with other signed bits by him I have. It's a 10 inch slip graal plate, but one of the ribbons has twisted.

my understanding is that the designers would sometimes take them for gifts ?

is this feasible ?


Thank you Bill, its a wonder you didn't here me yell last night as the penny dropped and I realised that I had your book "Scandinavian Glass".

 My kids always say I have the wrong colour hair and should be blonde rather than brunette :oops: ( but if you signed your posts William L  it might have taken me less than a year :roll: )


Bill G:
Hi. The artists were probably given works by the management to use as gifts although I cannot document this opinion.



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