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Harrach rummer? etc.


Paul ADK:
With a little luck, the link below will take you to my album "More Glass" where you will find a pair of photographs of what I suspect to be a 5 3/4" Harrach rummer, the signed Kosta Boda vase I picked up a few weeks back, and an unmarked Trumpet Vase(?) that has me completely stumped.  I don't know if it is new, old, good bad or indifferent.  

The last photograph is of an 8 1/2" by nearly 5" high multicolored glass bull.  Rightly or wrongly, in the past, I have seen one quite similar attributed to one of the Murrano artisans who's name escapes me.  

I have a number of questions about the piece I have tentatively identified as the Harrach rummer:
 1)  Am I correct in assuming this to have been manufactured by Harrach?
 2)  Would anyone care to speculate as to a possible date of manufacture?
 3)  I would be interested to know what it says on the glass.
 4)  If possible, I would like to obtain some idea of its value.  (Page 271 of Miller's Antique price guide for 06 shows a  much larger, 12.5" and fancier example with a coat of arms at $800 to $1200.) I'm rather confident our find is not in that price range.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
Paul ADK

The Rummer is mose definitely NOT by Harrach. I would think Ehrenfeld or Theresienthal  are more likely, but it is a difficult attribution because so many German tableware companies made decorated rhine wine rummers. The text reads "Gruss aus Rüdesheim a. Rh" - greetings from Rüdesheim on the Rhine. Agewise I'd guess 25 years either side of 1925 and pricewise would be so disappointing to you that I hesitate to suggest a figure.

Paul ADK:
Ivo, you broke my heart.  All that fame and fortune were fleeting.  Here I went and tied up fifty cents this morning thinking I was about to make a killing, and you had to bring me back down to earth.  Ah well, at least I can thank you for the translation.  By the way, there is kind of a funny story behind my non-Harrach souvenir drinking glass.  

Yesterday I saw the glass sitting on the back of a shelf at an estate sale, looked at it, and thought, no, it can't be, and passed it up.  Then, as typical in such situations, the darn thing nagged at me all night long.  First thing this morning, I'm back down to the estate sale thinking all the while, someone has probably beat me to it.  Pitty they didn't.  

If there is any lesson to be learned, its to trust my first instinct.  The glass was only 50 cents, but it undoubtedly cost me at least $5.00 for the gas to run back and forth.

Aww Paul, I think we all know how that feels!   :D  

Sorry to break your heart. If it is any consolation, glass of this type is a MUSTHAVE for any glass collection. It combines cutting, gilding, blowing. enameling in a most striking form which makes it very recognisable.


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