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Pirelli Glass: Volume 2 (London Lampworkers)

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Delighted that Angela Bowey's book on Pirelli Glass is now available on Amazon. Copy ordered  :)

Angela B:
I am so pleased that my book is published at last and you wonderful people have made it the number one best seller in its category on - all in a day!
I have already started on the Komaromy Glass and Bimini Glass books to complete the series. I hope they don't take so long to complete!

Pirelli Glass is available on or on Here are the links or you can just search for Pirelli Glass.
It would be very very nice to stay at number one!

Thank you for your support, and Best wishes

Is it available from any ethical source?
I boycott Amazon. :)

Angela B:
Hi Sue,
Yes, I am getting some printed in New Zealand so you will be able to buy them from me, same price. I'll let you know when they are available.
Best wishes

Thanks ever so much, Angela. I'd far rather buy them directly from you. :-*


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