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Help in identifying, please.


I'm a novice when it comes to paperweights and on line photos, so I hope you'll help me out.  If anyone can give me information on my paperweight and the maker, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I took some pics of it inside and outside as it changes depending on the lighting.  Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.

Where do you live? Specifically, what city, village or town; plus state (if the U.S.) or province or region for other nations.

This may help pinpoint the identity based on location of purchase, which sometimes helps. For a discussion of place of purchase ideas, go to the thread Identity Crisis.. Who Made It...? - here on the Glass Paperweights board.

Right now, there a number of American weight makers who are crafting with this technique, from Glass Eye Studios to others in Michigan, New England, and California.

It's a style of weight made famous by the Lundberg family of weight makers and by Orient And Flume when the American paperweight renaissance took off. It is NOT, however a Lundberg or an Orient & Flume.

Thank you for responding so quickly.  This was my grandmother's.  She lived in Virginia but traveled extensively throughout Europe.


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