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lalique opalescent w tentacle ?pattern name?



I would love to have some help with the maker, signature or pattern name?  

It is well worn so I didn't pay much but was told by the antique dealer it was Lalique and they were still in production - now years later I actually looked at the signature and can't make out any of it - I have looked for the pattern name once in a while with no luck so I wonder if this is another maker entirely.  

I use it for guest soaps but I always assumed it was a large ash tray.

It is 7.5" x 2.5" bowl or ashtray - thick and heavy - some sections are satin finish - the glass is opalescent to clear.

I will apprecaite any comments or ideas.

thanks for looking,  Wanda

Hi Wanda, I'm no expert on Lalique, but I did find a page of Lalique signature examples and they don't seem to look like yours. Of course, I don't know if the list is comprehensive, but it's worth a looksee:

Hi Anne,

Thank you once again.  I will have a look.  

I still haven't posted a photo but if I can dig out that really good one taken 30 years ago I will post it  uh hem...until I can get one that is at least bearable  :wink:  and I can't wait to post photos of my darling puppies too.

Looking forward to the next time I talk to you.  Bye for now!



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