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pretty bargain Murano paperweight cut sides & daisy cane

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Good morning/evening everyone,

Yippie $4 for such a pretty thing.

I found a paperweight on eBay w/ the same individual cane petals around a center cane daisies.  It had a well worn foil murano sticker on it.  

It seems odd that these weights would have anything in common because the eBay weight was much cruder and was a plain flattened ball of glass, and was duller looking.  

The one I have is bright and clear like good crystal and the daisies are very small and tightly arranged.  The other was sort of muddled looking.  

I just don't know what to make of it.  Can anyone help me with an ID on this?

Thanks for looking,


(ps I am posting this in Murano forum as well)

I would say from the flowers that it's possibly a 3Fiori weight, or may ALT.  

The difference in quality can be explained by the fact that even Murano paperweight makers have sometimes been known to churn out 'dime-a-dozen' tourist tat as well!  I've probably comitted heresy by saying so, but IMNSHO it happens to be true!   :wink:

Hi Leni,

thank you very much.  I see what you mean about the flowers in the 3 Fiori but can't find anything except the round paperweights more loosely decorated.

Haven't used the right search to find ALT yet.  Having an ALT key on the keyboard doesn't seem to help.

Can you suggest any good research sites for this type of paperweight.  Perhaps an auction house website that has good quality pieces?

Best wishes and byre for now,


Have a look at Jackie Lindsay's site, Corner House Gallery, at and maybe drop Jackie a line.  She's the expert on Murano weights.

"Four-sided faceting" is a feature of a number of Murano weights.


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