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Rock crystal style ........ Help Please.

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Hi, A friend has asked if you could help date these wine glasses and also say who they were made by.
 Shallow cut fluting to bowl ,stem and foot. Many thanks in advance. Patrick.
Ps. Please excuse the rubish pictures, done as he was leaving.

Patrick I converted to links as that many pictures crashed Bernards PC, he might be able to get in now but failing that here is his response:

--- Quote from: "The Calverton Bard" ---Very similar to a Stevens & Williams champagne dated to 1879, Wolfenden pl.13.   If you want me to take a proper look, you will have to either make your images links to .jpg files (not to pre-formatted web pages), or email them as attachments, remembering to email me first with a warning that they are coming.
From a fleeting glimpse it looks a lovely example.

--- End quote ---

Bernard C:
Frank — Grateful thanks to you for taking the trouble to help me out.

Patrick — Yes, it is very similar to the champagne illustrated in Wolfenden.   This is an early example of S&W Rock Crystal in Japanese style.   Designed by Joseph Kellar and engraved by Miller, the pattern number of the champagne is 5740 of December 1st, 1879.

The champagne was sold at Sotheby's London on March 3, 1998, and is illustrated in the catalogue.   It was one of two glasses forming Lot 159.

I hope that helps.

Bernard C.  8)

Message on behalf of Bernard deleted - Bernard has gained access.  :D  :D  :D

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "KevH" ---Message on behalf of Bernard deleted - Bernard has gained access.
--- End quote ---

Thanks to both you and DenCill for a 5-star backup support system.  :D  :D  :D

Bernard C.  8)


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