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Conflicting marks, Danish and Swedish.Help Please.



I bought these two little cut glass pots with silver and enamel lids, which were very dirty, and all I could see when I bought them were "Sterling Denmark" however when I cleaned the grime off I found two other marks, an S in a diamond shape and what looks like 3 crowns in an oval, but are too tiny to photograph well.

 I have looked these up on Google and they seem to be Swedish silver marks ( or part silver marks). There is no markers mark that I can see unless these other marks are them, I am really confused :shock:

The pots are 1" and 2" tall and really lovely with no damage to the enamel at all.

Any help please,


Anything like these marks?

Yes, top set of marks, its the three crowns but in an oval shape and the S in the diamond, but no other marks apart from Sterling Denmark, but they are a mixture of countries.

Confused, yes I am :?


Seems likely then that silver part was made in Sweden and the glass and tops fitted in Denmark. Its not uncommon to find foreign glass with English hallmarks (Not referring to English import marks but a UK smith.


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