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flower paperweight and limited edition with bubble - ID pls?


Single flower on long cane base:  I am sure I have seen this type of weight featured here, but can I find it?  heck no...

I couldn't get a base pic, but it has a small flame polished pontil scar, not ground flat.

the other one is plainer, but has hand engraved details on edge of base - not that clear, looks like CT/PH 1972 and a limited edition number in the middle 21/500.

any help would be appreciated - they are up at auction, and I would love to know who they are from so I can estimate better how much to pay for them.  


99% certain the first is Paul Ysart.

Aha!  Now I have a name I have found several Ysart models with this basket effect, and it would seem not all signed.  

Thanks so much, now for the odd looking ltd ed. crown...

99.99999% certain the flower in stave basket is a Paul Ysart.

From the general look of it, I think this example could be from the late 50s or the 60s. Had it been from his Harland years (70s) I would have expected to see a PY or an H cane, but even in those years, he did not include a signature cane in all items.

If it was made during Paul's time at Caithness Glass (63 to 70) it could have been one sold through their shop with a paper CG label originally attached.

With a longwave & shortwave UV lights you would able to tell which period it was made, but with only a longwave (black light), separating pre-Caithness and Caithness periods is not possible.

Not sure about the Crown weight. It has similarities to the style of Paul Ysart crowns but he did not make limited editions (of anything) and if the scratched details really do show "PH" I suppose it could be by Peter Holmes, but I don't know for sure.

As soon as I posted my comments, I had another thought.

The CT/PH 1972" for the "crown" weight would make sense if was a joint product of Colin Terris and Peter Holmes at Caithness Glass - the date would fit. But ... the Standard Catalogue of Caithnesss Paperweights does not show a "crown" in that style for that year (or any other). There was, however, a design called "Spiral" in 1971, which if looked at from the top would seem to be quite similar ... except that the image for "Spiral" shows a much neater weight and has 12 stripes.



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