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Help me report another conman

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I have already reported this seller/vermin (bgngh), to Ebay and alerted the original seller whose listing is still active. :evil:  :evil:  but more complaints to Ebay can't hurt .:twisted:  :twisted:

As usual with these scams he has no feedback, Ebay listing 230005906344    he also has a stange link to to check out his other items
The original and still active listing 170004318142

What's the category description all about?

I think putting a link to his/her website is also against ebay rules, and the site has a confusing name too.  :shock:

Seller has 6 items listed of which 5 are copies of other sales.  :?

Gone now

Amazing how that seller thought he/she could duplicate eBay's formatting on his/her web link. Or that no expert would notice. In this case, paperweight experts of the world united.

The seller is now NARU'd, which is eBayspeak for Not A Registered User.

According to the info in seller's eBay profile (click on the zero feedback number), the seller - BGNGH - was registered in China.


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