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Two Pieces To Identify If You Will

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I have a small pot with an impressed symbol on the base in the form of 3 candles or maybe a 3 masted boat, any ideas ?

I have also come across three vases with vertical golden stripes, I'm thinking Vicke Lindstrand or maybe Italian ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Could you please provide a picture of the first item?  Maybe showing the item in question will trigger shomeone's memory.

On the 2nd group of items, they are speaking German to me  :?

Anne E.B.:
Just wondered if the first one might possibly some kind of Arabic or Asian script?

Thanks for the suggestions so far, as requested here's a picture of the 'pot' with the mystery mark. It has a kind of 'hammered' texture.

Cross reference to same 3 candles mark on a piece here:,6657.0.html


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