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Help to procure the book about the glass master Luigi Onesto



I am desperately trying to procure the book about Luigi Onesto, famous artist from Murano. I saw the book in the glass museum in Venice however, it was not accessible to public (the book was in a glass case) and I could not read who produced it. Do you have any information about it? 

I can't find one just about Onesto, but I am wondering if it might have been this one which does include info about him apparently?

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate!

I had a look at the book that you suggested and the cover does not resemble what I remember. In my case there was a picture of a furnace in the front cover. I am sure because in the glass case there were two copies of the book: one closed and another one open on the chapter talking about Onesto.

Nevertheless, it might be the case that the suggested book is another edition with a different cover!?

I read the book description and the reviews made by few amazon customers and I could not read Luigi Onesto among the glass masters described by the book. Could I ask you if your are sure and where did you read that the book is talking about Luigi Onesto? I might consider to buy what you suggested and I would like to make sure that it is the right book :)

Thanks in advance for your help and support. 

I can't find the link where I read it now (my browser cleans out its history when I close it down so I can't go back & check) but the publisher has a page about it here and you could drop them a line via email or ask them via one of their social media links at the foot of that page if he is covered. I'm sure you'd get a reply.

There are various web pages with lists of books on Murano Glass so it'd be worth a scan down the cover images too to see if you can find a match - here are 2 to start you off...

Thanks Anne, you are very kind!

I will write them and see what they say ;)


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