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Hello oand help #2

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HEre's another little piece that I think is just great, I just can't identify it much except for I do believe it is Czech

This vase was represented as Czech glass. It is a beautiful green, cut to clear. 9 1/2 inches tall.

Almost certainly Czech but unable to see any detail from the thumbnail - I cannot see if it is CTC or copper wheel!

Sorry, I expected the picture to be much larger.  I have posted a couple of pictures here:
Corrected links are:

Perhaps that can help.  If I need more, I can take them


Hi Seprates, when posting links from GlassGallery you need to use the URL below the image under File Info, not the one in the address bar of the browser window. This is because the one you posted will change next time someone adds another image, the ones below are absolute links and will always find your picture even if they are moved to a different album, etc. :)

Corrected links are:

Hi Anne

Thank you for the information. I fixed the links

Ed Parks


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