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Would my lamp speak Danish or Italian?

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I bought this at auction yesterday in a "lamp" lot of other hideous brass and fake marble items, is the kindest word I can think of  :wink: .

and I think it might be Italian, may be Venini as there is a similar orange one in Leslie Pina's book Italian Glass pg 234 designed by Vignelli in 1955, neither the one in the book or mine are marked.

But I am wondering if any Scandinavian glass makers did the same mushroom design?

Its about 8" tall and the only hole is in the top, the rest is all glass apart from the little hole in the side where the cable comes out, so its rather difficult when changing a bulb or re-wiring!


Hi Barbara I think Nic (pinkspoons) has an orange one of these and somebody else has a green one but I don't think anyone has concluded anything yet. A search on mushroom lamp might be worthwhile

Hi Christine,

I thought someone had discussed it at some time in the past, its the thought of the 6 weeks holidays thats got my brain in meltdown at the moment, 3 teenage daughters under one roof for 6 weeks, think I'll pack and leave now :shock:



I've read through the topic and it looks as though it would say "ciao" :o but who might have made it is another one of those mysteries :wink:


I think we decided Italian on this one - Tigerchips bought one recently in a very Italian mustard colour.


Looks very nice in white, though.  :)


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