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Identification of an iriscendant glass vase, ID = Phoenician Glassware

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Phoenecian Glassblowers was founded by Leonard Mulligan, a friend and working partner of Michael Harris who had originally set up Mdina, but a good bit later.
It's very difficult to find any information about it. It was set up in the '80s, I don't even know if it's still going.
Their website does not work any more, the link takes you to an unrelated blog.

This design has been around for some time, I first saw it several years ago, on ebay and bid on it, but somebody else beat me.  >:( I've been looking for another vase since. A friend of mine here has a paperweight in this design. I can remember the excitement when we found it.

Her pics are dated 2011, and we found it in an antiques market. It's before that.  :) ;)

Hi Sue, long ago that you were so nice to posted and helped me to identfy my little vase.
Over the last years, my collection chenged to only czech glass after WW2 up to 1989.
So I would with love give this vase away, and if you still like it, you can get it.
Greetings from Vienna

Thank-you so much for remembering me,  :-* but in the intervening time, I found my own vase - the same as yours. :)
But I do not think you would have any trouble selling it in an internet auction. It is an unusual and lovely piece, and the name is known. As I said before, I was outbid the first time I tried.
You should make enough to buy some of your Czech glass.
You are lucky to be living somewhere good Czech glass is more easily found than it is where I am.  ;D

Thank you Sue, which platform would you choose to offer this piece?
I'm new in selling, i just used to buy, but have to get rid of too much glass, which doesn't fit in my collection (you know, learning to discriminate is a long  - never ending - process)

Yes, in Austria it is not too difficult to find good czech glass, as we are near and is so pretty.
Cheers Rosemarie

I haven't tried to sell myself - I'm useless with technology.
I think ebay is probably still the most used, but they do take a lot of money from you and they insist you join paypal. I stopped using them.
I am in the same boat - I bought a lot while learning and need to get rid of lots.  :-[


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