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White Tall Bottle Vase With Handle Maker, Circa, Needed

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Who made this gorgeous piece of glass?  I bought it at the salvation army yesterday.  It's very tall 15 5/8", and the belly measures 15 3/4" around.
The glass is milky and it looks like clear glass was put on top of it.  The handle looks hand blown and was attached seperate.


No idea who, but it looks similar to my mystery green one here: which was discussed here:,5937.0.html

Does that help at all? :)

Yes it does look similar, but my neck is much thinner and longer.  I did read the posts and messages you received.

IVO..................  :wink:  I need your help please.


I'm inclined to think Polish for this one but I cannot prove it. The neck is finished properly, not cut off like the green one - and the clear handle is totally inadequate. The pontil finish looks polish, too.


there is a picture of your jug, but in green with 6 matching glasses in Pina's Italian Glass Cetury 20  pg 184, but it doesn't say who made it just that it is unmarked.


Can you tell I've not been too well and have been catching up on my glass books that I bought myself last year  :oops:  :wink:


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