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White Tall Bottle Vase With Handle Maker, Circa, Needed

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Sorry to hear your'e ill, but since your'e in bed with the book, and I don't have it....... does it give a circa? Or proper name?  Do they actually call it a "jug".  I was going to start calling it a Balloon Bottle.  I have to believe that is what they used. Looks just like a balloon at the bottom of the neck.
Anyways, I appreciate your help.........

If anyone sees Ivo please send this way

Vintagerose Kim

Hi Kim,

It says, and I quote..

" Cased pitcher, green over white, with long neck and matching long stemmed wine glasses.
Pitcher height 14-1/2" inches; 37 cm.
Pitcher $100-125; glasses $10-15 each"

but I'm afraid that there is no date given, and I wouldn't like to guess, but if pushed I would say early 1970's.

I hope this helps,

My eldest daughter wants to be a teaching assistant for children with special needs and part of the course is working in school, and there has been a tummy bug going round and guess who has caught it....I have done a lot of reading in the "smallest room" :lol:


--- Quote from: "Ivo" ---I'm inclined to think Polish for this one but I cannot prove it. The neck is finished properly, not cut off like the green one - and the clear handle is totally inadequate. The pontil finish looks polish, too.
--- End quote ---

Funny, my gut feeling says the handle is Polish! but if Pina says Italian, I don't have any reason for disputing it! :D

I also have no idea about the maker of either of the above vases - nor of mine linked below. But mine is broadly similar in shape and also has an "inadequate" (or should it be "impractical") handle.

Whole thing:

It's 14 inch (36 cm) from top of handle to base, and 5 inch (12.7 cm) diameter at the base.

I've had this for over 10 years from days when I was buying things that were "fascinating" or "different" in my local UK fairs.

Alright I've got Polish & Italian.......  Either way it's gorgeous.  
Keep it coming if there's more.......  I love this stuff.  
Hang in there Barbara..... Better days are coming.

Vintagerose Kim


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