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Finds from one small car boot

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Manganese glow, not magnesium

Today was my first car boot for over a year, my wife found this Walther Glass Pierrot and Pierrette clock and candlesticks. I think the clock is pretty rare.
The clock is not working but the glass is perfect.

I think my wife was at the right stall at the right time as the gentleman unpacked. As my wife picked them up she caught out the corner of her eye a male charging like a Bull towards them.

Lovely find Roy

My haul from today's car boot, I could have bought more  ;D.
Uranium thorn vase, probably John Walsh Walsh.
Jeannette "crackle marigold" jug.
Lausitzer "Orion" bowl.
Bowl and frog I was sure was Walther but  ???
10 sided pint glass with the crown stamp 478, St Helens, 1953-64.

I'll probably post these separately later.


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