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1892 Glass Plate with imprints of the Morgan dollar


Hi, I’m new to the board and have a question. I recently received a rectangle plate that has imprints of the Morgan dollar on the sides and overlapping straight down the middle. What little information I have is that the U.S. Glass Company, that is now out of business, manufactured these for only 3 months in 1892 for the Chicago World’s Fair. The reason they stopped manufacturing them is because the U.S. government stepped in and stated that “money replication”. Does anyone have any information regarding glass plates and the Chicago World’s Fair in 1892 and or is there a way I can post a picture of the plate to this board? Thanks Matt


There are instructions at the top of the board on how to post pictures.  

Your plate sound like it is a reproduction as the originals had both Morgan and Liberty half dollars around the side.  Another clue is that the dollars in the bottom of the reproduction when looking at the plate from the top are:

Head; tail; head; tail; head

A good source of information on the reproductions of this pattern is "Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions" by Bill Jenks, Jerry Luna & Daryl Reilly.  It is out of print but a good book for your library if you collect American Pattern Glass of the 1870s-1910 period.



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