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Painted vase amber, plus signature - ID = Cirera, Spain


Hello.  I have a beautiful vase that my grandmother bought in Europe in 1971.  I love this- out of the 8 things I inherited from her, it is my favorite!! It is so crazy, kooky, and original (for the U.S. at least). It is an impressive 14" or 35cm tall.  I love it so much, I am not going to sell, even though I could use it for rent.  My guess is that it would probably only bring $50-100, anyway,  because it is an unknown artitst. Could someone please help me identify the country and possibly the artist?  Below are pictures.  Thanks!!! -Max

Looks like it is from the same stable as those marked "Royo". Most likely Spanish made. As to value, ebay is the most prolific selling place for such and not usually worth a fortune.

Cirera was a Spanish glass decorator. Little is know about him but there is some info here,54597.msg309336.html#msg309336
and elsewhere on the board


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