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Author Topic: Large speckled blown bowl. ID = Webb Corbett  (Read 1894 times)

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Re: Large speckled blown bowl. ID = Webb Corbett
« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2017, 05:57:36 PM »
I have just bought another bowl in the same shape and decor as my Webb Corbett Agate Flambe purple lined bowl (matched to a decor on a vase that is signed W&C England).
The new bowl (not yet arrived) I am sure is identical in shape and has the very fine finish arris on the rim and the large pontil mark and the same shape, but .... it has a white interior and the swirls of colour are completely different to the purple and, I think, the yellowish browny version of these agate flambe pieces.  It might be similar colours to the yellowish browny version but because it has a white interior it appears more colourful as the colours can be seen more clearly. 
But it's weird isn't it?  I am 100% confident it's exactly the same shape and finish as my purple agate flambe bowl.  But with a white interior?  It's definitely Webb Corbett but is it Agate Flambe?


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Re: Large speckled blown bowl. ID = Webb Corbett
« Reply #21 on: February 19, 2017, 07:42:22 PM »
It has an opaline white interior, then the coloured swirled decor which shows up much more colourfully than on the dark interior and then it is cased in the transparent yellow glass (from what I can see from the photos).
The yellow transparent glass is what was mentioned on the original post on here.
What's different is the white interior.

In CH 20th century British Glass there is an advertising plate with various shapes on.  The one on the top right appears to be represented as much brighter than the others. 

The book says the range was made using either a purple or a blue-coloured body to take the applied marvered colours.

My original bowl definitely has what looks like almost an opaline purple interior it is so dark,  and appears to have been cased in transparent green glass.  Correction, I now think it is also cased in a transparent yellow glass.

The original bowl on this thread appears to have a transparent yellow glass interior (which my new bowl is cased in).
My new bowl has a white interior.

My bowl still looks like an Agate though - just a different coloured agate.  The swirls and bubbles and colour chips/splotches are exactly the same and laid on in the same way as my purple version.

I'm just wondering if perhaps there were more different coloured interior 'bodies', which the chip/splotch colours were then marvered onto, in this range than is indicated in the CH book.

See also the discussion on this thread about how different they all look:,63868.msg357964.html#msg357964

I think they could  all be Webb Corbett Agate Flambe range - they all have the chips and splotches marvered on but the differences appear to be the interior and possibly the chip/splotch colours used.
They appear to have different coloured interiors - so far:
opaline purple
opaline white
and then what appears to be a transparent pinky purple
and a transparent blue glass
and a transparent yellow glass interior (on the original bowl on this thread)

The casing I suspect on all of them  might be the yellow transparent glass.
So possibly it is the combination of chip/splotch colours under that yellow casing that also give them their 'look' of being two different colours ranges - i.e. the yellowy and the purply as can be seen in the colour plate in CH 20th Century British Glass pp111.

My new one is much lighter in look than all the ones on the GMB - it has pinky and bluey and yellowy splotches with some browny streaks.  So it appears lighter than the ones on the GMB so far.



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