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Glasshouse Pots

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Adam, I have a feeling it was Joe McCarthy rather than McCartney. Anyway, this link looks interesting.

David E:
A brilliant article that I have only just come across - thanks Adam D!  :D 8) Missed this first time around in 2006, so thanks for "stickering" it.

Pot making is quite an art, but the very last para on platinum coated pots is of particular interest and something Chance Brothers also experimented with to achieve a better quality optical glass. I'm going to have to read this through carefully as it might be in my interest to extract certain sections for a future book. Acknowledged as always.

David E:
To take Adam's article a little further, I found the link to PSR Parkinson Spencer Refactories here - several downloads but, frustratingly, the one on glasshouse pots is a broken link. I have asked the company to reinstate this, so do check later.

FYI y'all, I transcribed Apsley Pellat's 1849 book "Curiosities of Glass Making" recently.  The chapter on glass-house pots is an interesting read.  Actually, all of it is interesting.  --ian

Thanks Ian!  ;D


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