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flying free:
I had a look yesterday and didn' t realise I could click on the page numbers and read it all!  That's brilliant, thanks so much.
Reading about the pots, I found it quite scary when the article discusses if the pot gets a crack or fissure in it and how they patched and repaired them.  The thought of all that boiling metal pouring out if it burst  :o

Did you not download the video on SG?     Portobello - The Last Tapping (Video)   you can only download if registered, but still images in article may be enough for you. Video is a very large download.

Pot setting at Caithness Glass is shown in a series of pictures in Reflections 3 which can be seen on Scotlands Glass

LOCATION: Artists & Makers >> Caithness Glass >> Reflections 3 - 1987

David E:

--- Quote from: ian.macky on November 27, 2012, 11:29:12 PM ---Actually, all of it is interesting.  --ian

--- End quote ---
And don't I know it! Wished I had a hardcopy myself, but this is definitely the next best thing. Many thanks.

I think I may know where there is one...


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