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And we also know that Caithness has been having dreadful problems with their pots recently, Christine - they told me so when I was there just before we saw you in Crieff.
They got through more than they should have, (was it 5 rather than 3 last year?) they've been patching things up and doing their level best to carry on, but it's a really, really serious problem - and contributing an awful lot extra to the already appalling expense of glassmaking.

David E:
It seems to intimate that they make their own pots? Otherwise, I wonder why they are having so much trouble. It must be such a palaver and a kerfuffle changing the pots - there are enough videos and images to show what was involved. Not for the fainthearted! Pot-making was something each of the larger glass factories used to make themselves and a very skilled job it was too, but nowadays I imagine they are bought in.

I don't think so, David. The facilities are not that big in Crieff!
I was trying to glean as much info as possible in the 30 seconds before the shop shut, from a very knowledgable and helpful member of staff. I think I'll have to go back and get it again, when I'm not so much under pressure to remember everything that my brain did its collander thing...
What I do remember is that it is causing truly serious financial stress on Caithness and their ability to stay viable. The pots they've had simply haven't lasted nearly as long as they should have.


--- Quote from: David E on November 28, 2012, 10:38:57 AM ---And don't I know it! Wished I had a hardcopy myself, but this is definitely the next best thing. Many thanks.
--- End quote ---

David, I have the 1968 Ceramic Book Company reprint, which was relatively affordable (US$50).  Wish I had an original, but nyet.  If looking for a copy (or any book), I recommend, the best meta book-search engine I know of.


David E:
Yes, I do use bookfinder occasionally, and abebooks is also a very good source. One day all these rare books will be on the net but, until then, we'll have to sit around with our legs crossed.


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