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I have the original, wonder what that fetches now!

can I just correctone small factual error in Adam's otherwise excellent post about pots, as someone inbolved in pot buying and use.
You do not "allow the furnace to cool, remove the old pot and heat it up again"!
A furnace has to be cooled slowly so as not to damage the refractories ( bricks, etc), so it would take three weeks to cool down and three weeks to heat up!
So you do a 24 hour pot set, by removing the bricked up front of the furnace taking out the old hot pot ( on a gun carriage or shielded fork lift truck) and replace a pre heated new pot and the bricking up again.
About 3 to 5 hours for a team of 5 guys who loose about 1/2 a stone (7lbs in weight0 through sweat and exercise.
At Nazeing Glass we got up to 18 furnaces ( single for of 750kgs a day). We now have four and two 100kg studio pots, but not all are in use!

Fuhrman Glass:
I think several of the factories are getting their pots from a French manufaturer. I know my friend Tim Mosser at Mosser Glass here in the US told me last year that was the only place he could get them. and they are extremely expensive. there are several manufacturers here in the US but do make the larger sizes as they are very difficult to produce.
I also know that the Chinese are making their own but have a hard time getting the quality materials they need to make them with.

For those of you who visit Northern France, there is an excellent museum "Glass vallee Museum at Blangy sur bres;e, the heart of the French bottle glass industry ( over 80% of the world's perfume bottles are made there by about four companies( or their overseas subsidiaries). La Glass Vallée show pot making in detail and several jockey pots for small colour runs.
You can also do a "concave" that means blowing cold air on the crack in the pot ( if accessible ) to cool the glass, like stopping a wound with congealed blood! This can sometimes last a few weeks....
Not pot makers do not gurantee their pots, so if it cracks on coming out of teh pot arch, they assume it must be your fault for poor preheating!
Some pots last 10 melts others over 100 melts. At over !1,00 each it makes a big difference to your costs!

"I think several of the factories are getting their pots from a French manufaturer"
This is probably Rieux Refractaires in the Oise region, who claim to supply Lalique, Daum, St Louis etc, in France.They are expensive but good I believe.
I cannot find their website!


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