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Tall vase with 3 flat sides and triangular ground out pontil

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Hi All,

I have posted this on the WF board as I thought the top looked right for WF, but I thought I'd put it over here as well just in case it's something else.

A fraction under 12" tall, does anyone recognise it?

Many thanks

Sorry but it is definitely "something else" - I can't help with ID though.

I'm not sure seeing the underside would belp = but Maastricht did very similar things designed by Max Verboeket which were mass produced right up to 1972. Most were signed, though....

Hi Ivo,

I've gone over the bottom with an eye glass and definitely no signature.  I did include the bottom in the picture (top right).  Will have a look at Maastricht glass to see if I can find anything similar for reference.

Many thanks

i was thinking of these Verboekets:
but seeing the bottom I think it could be Italian, like this ashtray
which has the same polished triangular underside and which is clearly related to this
which we usually call cabbages and which have an unfinished broken pontil. These vases have been the curse of markets here and all dealers will
tell you these are from Italy
but I saw a Czech lady buying them up on the last street market claiming they were Czech.
So maybe it is Chrbska after all?


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