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Bottle with Floral Decoration

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I picked up this little bottle this morning:

Whole Thing

It's square sectioned, polished pontil. The stopper is a flat shape. Both the stopper and base have a number "4" painted on them, presumably so they could be matched together later. Approx. height, with stopper, 16cm.

I'd be grateful for any help!
Many thanks,

Anne E.B.:
Its really pretty. Might be a long shot, but I know Laura Ashley do a range of handpainted glass.... :P

My Laura Ashley vase doesn't have a pontil but it could still be Laura Ashley.

Could it be Sea glasbruk?

Thanks everybody!  
I've looked at Sea's website. Their current decorated things seem to be more abstract looking? If it was Sea, would the stopper be better ground, with a bevel? This seems done in quite a rudimentary way? Here's a better picture:
It's ground flat on the end, but there's no ground bevel; it's just been left.

The Laura Ashley ones all seem to be more minimally decorated. The other thing is I don't think it's very recent - it's difficult to judge, I know, but it was very grimy (that sticky gundgy kind) and on the base there are four small patches which look to have worn flat from standing.

Here's a better pic of the decoration:



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