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Retro Glasses - frosted with pink bases


Hi all,

I've come across a couple of not very old glasses (or are they dishes?) and am interested to know who made them.  

I have a feeling they might have been a promotional item.  I'm sure they have no value but I am curious about them. Does anyone recognise them?

Picture here:

Thank in advance!


David E:
That is the pinkest pink I've ever seen! 8) Sorry, can't help with ID but the shape is rather distinctive.

Mm, I suspect that's why I bought them!  

They're a great retro item, but you unless you have the whole kaboodle house (or one fitting for Barbara Cartland or Barbie) then they're more than a bit redundant!

I have/want neither, hence the long stay in the attic!

Still curious though!


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