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Melting Pot Glassworks - bowl


I've had this bowl for quite a while, but haven't found anything out about it.  I'm assuming it's from a small studio somewhere?  Bowl measures about 7" rim to rim.

The signatures on the base appear to read:

Robin Smith, Jeff Waller '96

Does it ring any bells with anyone?

Thank you.

Sorry Max, no bells ringing, but what a lovely bowl!  emmi

Thanks Emmi.  Would you believe I've suddenly found the maker?  I looked high and low about 2 months ago and found nothing...funny old world!

It's Robin Smith and Jeff Walker, Melting Pot Glassworks in Lancashire.  Both designers hail from Dartington glass.

Solved my own

Just found out that Melting Pot Glassworks UK went out of business - possibly about 5 years ago.  The information came from The Foal Yard Gallery who used to sell their pieces.  Apparently they still get a lot of calls about their glass because google have cached the pages they used to have on their website, so they will still come up on a search even though they will not come up if you access their website via

What a shame  :(


Adding links to info about Melting Pot for future reference:

PDF Catalogue:


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