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Looking for info on Murano Glass Importers-Galleries...


Hello everyone!
This is my first post and wanted to know...
Does anyone know the years that this Glass Galleries-Importers were in business? Camer Glass and Decora Glass?
I have many pieces with this labels, and I know that they imported many of the great Italian glass makers (Barovier, Barbini, Toso, Venini etc.), but I have no specific dates on the galleries themselves. Does anyone know when they were in business and when they ended?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your time, and hope to be a part of this Community board from now on!

Hi Javier
Good to see you here. I love the fabulous Murano pieces you regularly put up on Ebay and wish I could afford to buy lots of it !!! WE did correspond briefly about a year or more ago - I think about one of your auctions.

I found this on the web:
Camer Glass Lighting Corp.
Address:  315 E 62nd St
City, state:  New York, NY
Zip/postal code:  10021
Country:  United States
Phone:  (800)233-4500

Camer Glass Company was founded in the 1950's by George and Paul Camerino. They commissioned creations from the best artisans and factories in Murano Italy. They produced very popular Venetian Glass Lamps in the late 50's, throughout the 1960's, ending in the early 1970's.

also this glass artist Christine Barney who did work for them - see here

Hope this helps Peter

Hello Peter!
Thanks for the information.... I have tried and tried over 2 years in finding information on Camer Glass, doing searches, etc., and I havent even come up with 1 return hit. Where did you find the information? Was it a posting from another person somewhere? a website?

I have lots of pieces with the Camer labels and didnt know if the gallery went further back than the 50's. That info is really helpful, at least for me, as I have collected pieces with the label for my own personal collection.

Know anything about the Decora or Balboa galleries?
I just bought a store sign in the form of a fish (satin) that has Balboa spelled out on its side. Its pretty amazing.
Anyway, thanks again for the info. Please keep in touch!

Hi Javier,

I am a new collector of Murano pieces and have been looking through ebay to see whether I can purchase some items.  Although, alas, I am beginning to get confused over all the murano pieces that are on Ebay and have been warned to be on the look out for fakes.  As I am a new collector I wouldn't have a clue which is the real deal or not.  I started purchasing items which only said "Authentic Label", only to find out that these could be fakes.

I noticed that Peter said you put Murano Pieces on Ebay.  Could you give me your ebay name, so I might have a look at the pieces you have?  I would rather purchase from a reputable trader, then one I would not have a clue about.  I hope you don't mind me asking?

Also could you advice what books I can purchase that could tell me about labels / stickers which are authentic and which are not?

Thank you.


As for books, there are a few...
I specially recommend Mrc Heiremans - Murano Glass, Themes and Variations (1910-1970). That book has many labels and signatures from each manufacturer and shows how they have changed through the years.
I would also recommend the Leslie Pina Book on 50's Italian Glass, which has at the end many samples of labels used by many companies.

Hope this helps you out!
Javier - svazzo


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