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Looking for info on Murano Glass Importers-Galleries...

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Hi Javier

Wow your Ebay sight is amazing with free shipping.  Never heard of anyone doing that before.  I have put you on my favourites sellers list.

My name on Ebay is Emsstuff.  I like a couple of your items and have put them on my watchlist and will bid last minute.  I like doing that, thrill of the auction.

Will look into the other book you mentioned.  

This forum is great.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Emma!
Tank you for putting me on your favorites list, and yes I am teh ONLY Ebayer giving Free Shipping Worldwide that I know of. I thought it would be better that way, giving everyone an equal chance at bidding and not worry about all the extra add-ons that people charge you along with shipping. Like handling fees.
I also offer Free Shipping on items from my website. Let me know if I can help you out in anything else. Good Luck tomorrow!!!


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