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ID: Set of 6 different colored shot? glasses, leaf motif


I'm trying to find out a little info on this set of glasses I've had for a while. I would assume these are shot glasses, they stand 2" tall. All six are different colors. The have an iridescent stain/paint applied on the outside over clear glass. Each one has a leaf with a raised pepple texture to it. The leaves are outlined in gold.  The marking on the bottom looks like a c with an m inside. I have not come across a reference to this mark so far in my research on them. In addition to the mark on the bottom of each one is a number, different number on each one. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hartmann lists a CM CA where the CM is like yours and the A inside the second C. Unfortunately not a lot of help as the caption is Unknown USA c1900.


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