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Percival Vickers Reg. 263314.

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Paul S.:
Thought this might be of some use to the collectors of piano insulators, also those with an interest in designs from Percival Vickers - and described on the original factory drawing as a 'piano foot' - it was Registered on the 11th of June 1872.

There's only one insulator under this factory name on the Board's archive, and I did look but couldn't see that we'd had this one before - hope I haven't missed seeing it.          No idea as to the colours the factory might have used - always possible it was clear only - although coloured insulators were quite common around this time..............   sorry, no idea of size.               Apologies if we have had this drawing previously.

should look more carefully - we've had this from Roy a little while back,52434.msg297652.html#msg297652

That one is in the 1881 pressed catalogue as well. They also registered a piano foot number 357730 on 5 Nov 1880 and not forgetting the 1859 registration for Thomas Dawkins of Clerkenwell - associated with PV, the latter two known to be in yellow, presumably uranium.

I have frankensteined all the known PV piano feet into the same image. The top two rows were in the 1881 catalogue, the bottom 2 rows appeared in the 1893 supplementary catalogue and again in the 1911 supplementary catalogue. I suspect all were still in production at the time the company folded.

And nope, I don't know what happened to number 7

Compare to the Molineaux Webb piano feet at the time their catalogue was issued, circa 1870. The earliest one, 699 is on eBay at the moment, for an ambitious price

For permanent reference, here are pictures of the Molineaux Webb #699 glass piano foot referred to by Neil in the link in the previous post.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by Kevin Collins).

BTW, Neil, I have  long-standing open permission from Kevin which also allows you to use any of these images on your Manchester Glass website.


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