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can anyone advise? the auction is today....


Hi, sorry to double post, but it is holiday time and I am not sure everyone is watching all the sections - the auction is today, and I still don't know how much to bid on this piece.

This is the post I put on the Murano section of the board, if anyone can give me their thoughts on whether it is new or old I would really be grateful.  

--- Quote ---This piece that I am looking at looks very like the Salviati dolphin goblet I had recently - I am still learning about these dolphins, is the view of the team that this is an old one or a new one? The base isn't very clear (the light in the auction room wasn't that good) but it has a broken pontil in the centre, which (in theory) might mean it is an old one?
--- End quote ---

Oh my.  Well I bought it anyway, so I REALLY hope I did the right thing


But I got a lovely Okra vase at the same time, for only £40 so I am VERY pleased about that... I'll post a pic of that later.

Sorry Lynne.  I did do a good Google search for you, but didn't come up with anything...although I did find an auction with the same green used for the dolphin part on a comport, no prices though.  :(

Thanks Max,  I'll find out soon enough if I paid too much when I try to sell it!!!!


I'll let you know when it is up, so you can watch with me to see if I make too much of a loss!  LOL

I meant to say that when I was searching I found the same sort of quilting on an opal rimmed vaseline glass comport (was that the one you found? ) but no prices, and no real idea of age either which didn't help much.

Otherwise, no matter what I put in, nada.


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