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can't find this maker, can you help?


:(   Have an etched glass decanter(pourer, server?) that has a silver or silver plate top with lid and handle.  Shape is narrower on top, gently going wider as it gets to bottom but straight lines, not bell shaped.  About 12 inches high and five wide at bottom.  Design on the metal parts and pourer spout. Star design on bottom.  Inside lid is stamped in the silver(plate), JG & sons...with a number 18 near it.  I cannot find out anything about this maker.  Anyone out there know anything, I would be so grateful.  Thankyou.

David E:
Welcome to the GMB.

The initial 'JG' is probably the maker's name of the silver, but probably not the glass. The figure '18' might relate to the quality of silver.

A few ways you can help further: provide a photograph and indicate whereabouts you are based. If there's no hallmark on the silver, it is probably not British. If there is a hallmark, please provide details as this may help age the piece.

See the initial messages at the top of the forums for instructions on how to post photos.

I want to first thank you so very much for your reply.  There are no other marks on the metal.  So, I guess it is not English.  Interesting to know that the metal part is by one person and the glass probably by someone else.  At least I found out it is not English.  That is very helpful in further research.  I will try to get a pic on here...within two days.  Again, I thank you very much.  I got this piece from a co-worker about 2 years ago in PA. here in the USA.  She cleaned out her mom's garage and came up with all sorts of things.

David E:
Hopefully one of the GMB members who know more than I (i.e. virtually nothing :wink: ) about cut glass or decanters will see this posting and respond :)

"Probably" not British, but certainly not ruled out. Small solid silver items (often made in Birmingham) were sometimes not hallmarked if there was no room to place it, but I would go on to say that silver-plate invariably did not have a hallmark anyway.

Again, I thank you.....Eileen


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