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Is this a Wedgewood please

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Is this a Wedgewood  please

Mushrooms are made by more than one company, perhaps you might like to ask the seller of eBay item: 290009835545 yourself if you're unsure.  I hope permission was granted to use their photograph here?  :)

I understood I could use this forum to identify items before I bid on them on Ebay I have asked the seller if it is marked but it is not and he is unsure wether it is Doulton or Wedgewood I will not bother to use this site again I did say I was new to chatting on forums!!!

Hi "bexhillonsea",

Please don't go away so soon! Yes, the GMB can be used to check on items in eBay.

I think that Max was commenting on the fact that you had posted (in Tinypic) a personal copy of the eBay image which, although some people think it is ok to do so others, including lots of the eBay sellers, may say it's a breach of image copyright. [We have some interesting discussions on this point from time to time!]

The best thing to do for references to eBay listings is to post the actual URL, which can be copied from the address bar at the top of the Browser window.

You are more than welcome to keep posting here.  Could I suggest using a link to the eBay auction next time?  Using people's photographs without permission could be a copyright problem otherwise.  I hope you understand, no offence intended.  :)


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