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Any info on CVG/VCG mark?

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I submitted my 2nd post before "refreshing" my screen and did not see your posts.

From reading your posts it sounds like the 1920 production did not have the mark and the 1971 production included the mark to indicate that these were the re-production of the earlier c1920's version.  Correct?

 -- Darryl

The OVG line was not made during the 1920s. It was introduced in the mid 1950s.

If we can establish the colour/type of glass, then we will hopefully have the date.

Are you familiar with Carnival Glass? Is your cat slipper iridised, with a base colour (hold it to the light to see) of dark purple? I don't have a photo to show you of the OVG Cat in purple Carnival, but here's a modern Fenton purple Carnival piece. Note that it is exceptionally well iridised and not all examples are this vivid.

Best way to help you for sure is if you can post a photo, of course.



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