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Blenko Pinched vase? Maker Pattern Circa Needed

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Ok I went to some sites. I think my piece might have been made by Blenko, but Painted by Rainbow.  The Ice Blue color that is Blenko, matches my piece, and the painting by rainbow.  Now I'll through that out there and see what we think?

 :? Vintagerose

Vintagerose -  Judging by your pictures, the white is not painted on.  The white is part of the glass.  It is made by having the blue transparent glass and picking up small pieces of white glass then forming the piece.

This type of glass is commonly called splatter glass.

Ok, well so much for that idea  :oops:
I looked at quite a bit of rainbow, and really didn't see any piece like mine. I have yet to look at Pilgrim. If anyone has a good link to Pilgrim glass I would appreciate it.  I saved the other link on rainbow.


Vintagerose, You may want to post your picture and question on the ebay Pottery, Glass and Porcelain board. They may be able to help. It can be hard to get an exact maker on these vase for a few companies made them.

Ok thanks for the tip, I also went to your site.  I love Blenko..... why is it so addicting?  I think they put something in the glass  :)



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