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Whitefriars knobbly vases

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Please could anyone advise on the date of the start of production of the above? Also, for those dealing in, or collecting knobblies, have you experienced any vases, that appear to be Whitefriars, are contemporary with, but are not Whitefriars items, based on colour, sizes, etc?
Thanks in advance for any responses.

Bernard C:
Huge subject, Marcus.

Have you considered whether an initial query on one of the Whitefriars websites would be more productive, at least until you had identified the major players?

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,
What has caused the query is that among the books I've recently acquired is one which appears to show knobbly vases, made in the former Czechoslovakia, which date to 1954. Almost a chicken and egg question I know. I'm not referring to those described as 'molar', but others @ 3-6 inches in height. Will send image by e-mail, as I still haven't mastered posting on-board.

Following on from my earlier query, the Whitefriars range date to 1963, designed Wilson and Dyer. If knobbly vases appeared before 1963, then my second question regarding knobblies that are not Whitefriars, still stands, anyone seen any?????

I have seen tons of knobblies attributed to Whitefriars but which probably aren't so I'm not sure what you are looking for. Any chance of a pic ?
There should be quite a few posted on "Is It Whitefriars ?" at

Here's mine which I have never been able to ID and is NOT WF.


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