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Whitefriars knobbly vases

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Bernard C:
It looks like Liskeard Glass to me, Peter.

See topic Nearly Knobbly, possibly Leerdam? from early 2004.

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks for the thread link Bernard.
I do have a couple of pieces of Liskeard Glass for comparison. Both are cased in clear, thicker at the bottom and have the LG stamp.

Mine has no LG stamp on the base and is I fancy quite a bit older than Liskeard Glass (1978-1983).

I don' t know if all WF knobblies are shown in Lesie Jsckson's Whitefriars book as there's an aweful lot missing from it even many items from the textured range but I can't afford the £200 for the Museum of London book !!!

Fortunately most WF later production can be seen in the Galleries (much extended since I last looked) and the Auction Archive at

Bernard C:
Evans et al doesn't help much.   £200.00!*!*!   It is not written for collectors; Jackson is ten times more useful.   On the other hand, when it is useful it is very very useful.  I presume it is out of print, hence the amazing premium.

A pity they didn't co-operate more to complement each other.   Neither book provides any reference to the knobbly lampbase (the proper big chunky "I'm a lumberjack" one - not the rather pathetic 9612 vase conversion which would fall over if you started snoring).

Bernard C.  8)


--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---...and the Auction Archive at
--- End quote ---

Looks useful but no reference to the copyright holders of the images!  Could create trouble for the owner of the site.

Did Whitefriars make this vases in a White and Wine Red spatter pattern?
I have a vase that I have mixed thoughts about. It was sold to me as Murano, but I have seen others with knobbs or prunts, as in this thread, attributed to Whitefriars. My vase is actually more organic than the ones I saw on the Whitefriars site (thanks for the link!), so I dont know about its attribution... Any thoughts?

It was 1 of the first art glass pieces I ever bought, and it was sent from the UK. I have pictures of it on my computer, not on the net, and dont know how to load them on here. I can email the pic to anyone who can help if that is better.



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