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Lampwork Snake Charmer

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I once saw a snake charmer attributed to Pirelli on ebay though I do not know if this was true or not. Whatever it was, it made a lot of money.

Anyway, this is probably not it as I'm sure the one on ebay was a lot smaller.

The green flat base appears to be ground down in places (?) and is probably not original?

Any clues as to who made it, etc, much appreiciated.

Thank's Tony.

It is a Pirelli, turquoise part is the original base.

Oh what a fun item! I love it.

Oh, wow, just when I tried to talk myself out of it, it's Pirelli afterall.  :lol:

Thanks a lot Frank, I've finally got a Pirelli piece.  8)

Has the base been tampered with or is it supposed to have those sloping bits on it?

The clear base is a later addition :shock:


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