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Enameled amethyst vase


Amethyst vase
Amethyst colour with enamel and gilding.

Any clues as to who?

Thanks, Tony.

Barbini Martellago,4498.0.html

Pics restored there.

Thanks, that looks a bit like the modern stuff from the Bohemian Glassworks site. They must all look the same.

So did the Barbini stir people into crazy bidding?  :idea:

No, it took two outings, sold to an Italian collector who was VERY pleased!

Perhaps if you post on eBay italy...

I can barely understand the UK ebay never mind the Italian one.  :lol:

I think anything that isn't worth much for me is best on a stall rather than ebay. I really don't like selling on ebay, it gives me a lot of stress.

I went over my price range for this one, 50p more than nothing. Why does everything come in 50 pences? Can they not charge 60p or 70p just for a change?

Me thinks they should get rid of all the 50 pences and change it to 40 pence coins.  :twisted:


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